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Yaman - MILA MORGENSTERN - Vilambit Tintaal
A little etude, good to get into the feeling of Vilambit Tintaal (Teentaal / Teen Tala). “Vilambit” refers to very slow tempi. This etude is part of what I learned some years ago from my first teacher for Bansuri and Indian Music, Mila Morgenstern in Berlin. He mentioned that it […]

Raag Yaman in Vilambit Tintaal (Teen Tala)

Raag Shuddh Sarang - Ektaal transkription R.KULKARNI
Here is a transcription on Raag Shuddh Sarang in Ektaal. This was from a performance by Pt. Rupak Kulkarni (bansuri) and Pt. Mukundraj Dev (tabla) at the show “Art and Artists”, it is on YouTube for free, and this particular recording is streamed below (please scroll down to play it!). […]

Shuddh Sarang – Ektaal (RUPAK KULKARNI on TV) – transcription ...