Yaman (Iman)

Yaman - VILAYAT KHAN - Vilambit Tintaal
Raag Yaman Bandish in Vilambit Tintaal (Teen Taal), as played by Ustad Vilayat Khan on many different recordings. As usual, I want to encourage everybody to get a legal copy for yourself, but this one is quite difficult to find elsewhere. The example I used to transcribe this one you […]

Yaman – Vilambit Tintaal (VILAYAT KHAN)

A very well know Bandish for Raag Yaman in Tintaal (Teen Taal), transcribed from various recordings of Hariprasad Chaurasia and others. Want to learn the Indian Bamboo Flute? Check out: Online Bansuri Lessons      

Yaman – Tintaal