Bhairav – Tintaal (H. CHAURASIA “The Raga Guide”)

This is a transcription from Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia’s Bandhish in Tintaal. This one he did play on “The Raga Guide”,  a very useful book incl CDs to learn some basics about Hindustani Classical Music. This recording is streamed below from YouTube, but I want to encourage you to get the original and store the file on your device. Also the whole book is really useful!

Here the recording, streamed on YouTube (the Gat in Tintaal starts at 1:52):


And here the transcription. Western notation is in the key of F, but the original recording above is in E.

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Bhairav - HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA - Tintaal Raga Guide


Happy practicing!





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