Pt. Bhanuprakash Barot (tabla)

Pt. Bhanuprakash Barot, born in ____ in _____ , is a renowned tabla master from the ______ (ghana). His main guruji was _______

Being introduced to the tabla in the traditional way at the age of ____ , later on he played with the famous giants of the Hindustani Traditions like the legendary Pt. Hariprassad Chaurasia, ___ ____ , Pt. Rupak Kulkarni and many more.

He played for the India Radio in the years ___ to ___

Living in Mumbai (Bombay), India, he is working at/for ____  and available as a musician for performances and collaborations, but also for teachings online and offline.


Tel.: +91 9892165488  /  +91 8356889573









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