Raags in 22 Shrutis

Here I collect all the information about the exact intonation of each Swara (Interval) used in various Raagas. This list will be updated from time to time.

The information given here is NOT about the typical movements, ornamentations and specific rules for each Raag, also I do not give the information about the up- and down-ward scale. Those you find in the posts on each Raag.

This here is purely to collect the information about intonation only. So you can compare the Raags to each other, which might help to get a better feeling and a better ear-training. The numbers indicates the correction in cents, compared to the European temperated scale, which happend to become a world-wide standard.

The information given here came from Dr. Vidyadhar Oke, you can visit his website … here. Further I can recomment the 5 Chapters of “22 Shrutis Simplified” on YouTube, and also the app “22 Shrutis in 500 Ragas


In case you find some mistakes here, or if you can fill the gaps, please feel free to contact me.


  S r1 r2 R1 R2 g1 g2 G1 G2 m1 m2 M1 M2 P d1 d2 D1 D2 n1 n2 N1 N2
(-10) (+11) (-18) (+04) (-06) (+15) (-14) (+08) (-02) (+19) (-10) (+12) (+02) (-08) (+13) (-16) (+06) (-04) (+17) (-12) (+10)
Miya Ki Malhar S R2 g1 m1 P D1 n1 N1
early morning:
Lalit (=Lalat?) S r1 G1 m1 M1 d1 N1
Bhairav S r2 G1 m1 P d2 N1
Ahir Bhairav S r2 G1 m1 P D1 n1
Malaya Marutam
late morning:  
Gujari Todi S r1 g1 M1 d1 N1
early afternoon:  
Patdip S R2 g2 m1 P D2 N1
Shuddh Sarang S R2 m1 M1 P D2 N1
Vridavani Sarang
Bhimpalasi S R1 g1 m1 P D1 n1
Shree S r1 G1 M1 P d1 N1
Marwa S r1 G2 M1 D2 N1
Puriya Dhanashri S r1 G1 M1 P d1 N1
early evening:
Puriya Kalyan S r1 G1 M1 P D1 N1
Bhoopali S R1 G1 P D1
Kafi S R2 g1 m1 P D1 n1
Saraswati S R2 M1 P D2 n2
Shyam Kalyan S R2 G1 m1 M1 P D2 N1
Yaman S R2 G1 M1 P D2 N1
Bageshri S R1 g1 m1 P D1 n1
Rageshri S R1 G1 m1 D1 n1
Bihaag S R2 G1 m1 M1 P D2 N1
late evening:
Darbari Kanada S R1 g1 m1 P d1 n1
Durga S R2 m1 P D1
Hansadhvani S R2 G1 P N1
late night:
Jog S g1 G1 m1 P n1
Chandrakauns S g2 m1 d2 N2
Malakauns S g1 m1 d1 n1
Desh S R2 G1 m1 P D1 n1 N1
Hemavati S r1 g1 M1 P d1 N1
Latangi S R2 G1 M1 P d1 N1
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